Sunday, March 7, 2010

Toki with the Kids.

There was no Sunday lunch at my in-laws' today, so, as usual, we took the boys out to lunch. My second son wanted to try out Sushi Kappo Kobikicho since he saw my post on the recent Usual Suspects lunch there. Unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays - thus, we went to old reliable Toki Japanese Fusion & Fine Dining. We've taken the boys here before, but, this time, they all tried different dishes.

Sanshu Sashimi No Carpaccio Toki Style

Unagi Bou Sushi

Sashimi Nanasu Moriawase

Our youngest ordered a plate of California Roll as well, he took this photo himself.

Nasu To Tofu No Agedashi Yasai Ankake

Ebi Tempura

The boys ordered their individual main courses: 2 Una-ju Sets and 1 Tempura Udon. I also got an Osuimono (Fish and Clam Clear Soup) for me (sorry, no photos). I had the bowl of Hot Udon that came with the youngest's Una-ju Set since he didn't want it.

With these I had no wine - well, no wine from grapes anyway. I did have an order of Kikuhime Yamahai Junmai - I've had this at my last Kaiseki dinner at Toki, with the Manila Gentlemen's Club. Dry, a hint of citrus, with faint undertones of cocoa/carob/toasted rice towards the back. Served cold, it was very pleasant for a hot summer Sunday and as a pairing for all the raw fish dishes as well as the ebi tempura.

There were a few bowls of fresh fruit for dessert, but I don't think anyone touched them. Nice, relaxing Sunday lunch out with the family.


Chinkee said...

I also had Sunday dinner here with my parents and sister a couple of weeks ago. There were some hits-and-misses, but overall it was a very good dinner. What I noticed was that some of the fusion stuff were pretty good (like the popcorn shrimp), but then there were some that were dowright scary, such as the Mexican Taco Roll. I gave it a chance, but it was just sooo wrong! Seems like somebody was smoking something pretty strong in the kitchen. Hahahaha!

Noel said...

but then there were some that were dowright scary, such as the Mexican Taco Roll. I gave it a chance, but it was just sooo wrong!

Hi, Chinks. Yes, I believe you mentioned it in one of your blog posts because I remembered what you said when I saw that on the menu. Frightening indeed! Food fusion gone mad. Some envelopes are pushed too far they wind up falling in the basurahan. Heh heh heh.



Miguel said...

Ya some dishes have gone way over board...but the regular stuff is very good there.

Noel said...

Yes, true. The one or two weird dishes do not detract from the fact that Toki is a very good and reasonably-priced restaurant.

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