Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jahva Stout, Juniper Pale Ale, Etc. Over the Weekend.

Another installment on my mixed orders from Global Beer Exchange. Friday night, after dinner of the 14th January 2011, my 2 older sons and I tried out some...

Southern Tier Brewing Company Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout - Again, this is a rich, luscious, powerful, mouth-filling stout displaying roasted coffee beans, bit of semi-sweet cocoa, just a hint of vanilla bean and moderate roasted malt. This less sweet than and not as dense or heavy as the Crème Brûlée and Mokah Imperial Stouts. Not as broad on the attack as well, but it expands nicely mid-mouth. It is evidently more focused and neater than the mentioned two. Of the three, my sons and I like the Jahva the most, though we did enjoy all of them. This is most definitely a repeat buy for me.

The afternoon of Saturday the 15th, before a dinner for Sandy at Tonji & Sylvia's, my eldest and I split a bottle of the Southern Tier Mokah Imperial Stout - which I wrote about a few days ago. Actually, I had around a third of the 650ml bottle, the eldest had the rest.

Very nice and it mellowed me out nicely. The second opted for a Rogue Juniper Pale Ale which he slugged down while watching tv in the playroom.

They then decided to order some burgers and called in a couple from Brothers Burger. I mentioned that I liked having the Rogue Juniper Pale Ale with the burger at Elbert's Steak Room, so my eldest tried out the pairing after finishing the Mokah.

When I asked him what he thought of the two together, he said he enjoyed the pairing since the dry ale cut the fatty burger's richness and cleansed the palate between bites.

Sunday lunch of the 16th was at our place instead of my in-laws'. Catha prepared and cooked the usual USDA Prime Grade Rib-Eyes instead of I - her first try at it. Pretty good effort, I must say - the steaks were nicely rare-to-medium-rare. Before that, however, we started off with some Fresh Strawberry Salad (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of it) and...

Tomato Bisque.

There were Baked Prawns... well as the mentioned steaks.

Rogue Juniper Pale Ale - As I remember it from Elbert's: notably fresh and dry, it shows, as its name indicates, notes of juniper berries, as well as very mild citrus in its moderate malt and hops. Very nice with a Sunday steak lunch. My father-in-law, who doesn't really drink any beer, took a small taste and obviously liked it since he asked for some to take home with him.

After desserts of Chocolate Ice-Box Cake, Brazo de Mercedes and Fresh Strawberries & Cream, I popped open another Javah Imperial Stout and shared a bit with my niece and eldest.

Jimmyton wasn't kidding. This put me to sleep the same way as Chimay Grande Réserve does. I don't take naps unless I'm sick. Well, I'm not sick, but fell asleep shortly after while watching Avatar in my room with my youngest. It made for a beery nice day.


Miguel said...

Steaks look nice and rare...

jimaraneta said...

Looks like your Morimoto and John John Jumiper made it through the weekend. I have not tried the Pale Ale with steak (i usually go with an amber ale) but based on your experience, i will now. Thanks

Noel said...

@ Miguel - It was, buddy. Catha just pan-seared them. She didn't finish them in the oven.

@ Jim - I certainly would like to try an amber ale next time; but I enjoyed the juniper pale ale anyway. What ambers would you recommend I try? Am really enjoying exploring these new beers!

Yup! Just a few bottles left...that went fast. Will be definitely be re-ordering soonest!

Best to you both,


jimaraneta said...

Nothing like a fine wine, or a nice ale (at times) over a good meal.

For the ambers my reco's are:

I. Light
1. Boont Amber Ale
2. Levitation

II. Medium
1. American Amber
2. Santa's Private Reserve
3. Capt. Sig's Northwestern Ale

III. Like Miguel's Cabrales ha ha
1. Oaked Arrogant Bastard
2. Arrogant Bastard
3. Double Bastard
4. Double Dead Guy

Thanks for your business and your blogs.

Miguel said...

Haha ya I got the beer bug too recently...the John John would go well with steak also I think.

Cant wait to get back let's do the beer session in Jim's tasting room.

Glenn Millar said...

Noel my old friend e-mail me your phone number at

We haven't spoken in nearly 15 years I would love to catch up with you.

Sincerest regards

Glenn, Katy, India, Hope and Scarlett.....Yes I know, three daughters..what did I do to deserve it?!

Anonymous said...

Hello Eyeonwine!

Where in Manila can I get the Chimay Grande Reserve?

Great blog, BTW!

-Joey G.