Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pintxos & Chuleton @ Terry's 2º Piso!

During the event at Ciçou subject of my last post, JC de Terry mentioned that he still has some chuleton Vasco from Spain, so I told him I'd come over Saturday night to try it out together with some of the new pintxos. Thus, last night, 3rd July 2010, Catha, the kids and I trooped to Terry's 2º Piso where we were met and well-attended to by young and very capable chef Luis.

An array of pintxos on the bar, as is typical in Spain...

...where one is just supposed to get what one wants. Luis, though, offered to prepare us a set of 6 each to be sent to our table. Since the kids also wanted some of their usual tapas, I told Luis we'd better just have a set of 4-5 each. However, my boys started picking extra pintxos straight from the bar as well, so we wound up with much, much more.

I warned them not to overdo it since we also had a large chuleton coming.

The kids and even Catha couldn't resist the Piquillos Rellenos from bar.

Extra thick Salmorejo garnished with what I am pretty sure are Jamón de Teruel "Sticks".

Then came Chistorra in Potato Crisp atop Manchego, and, Caesar Salad Pockets. We all loved the chistorra, potato, manchego combination so much, I ordered a second round which disappeared just as quickly.

Old favorites Spicy Gulas and Gambas al Ajillo which my kids can't do without. We also had an order of Croquetas de Tres Quesos, the youngest's favorite, but the photo thereof came out too blurred to post here.

Hojaldritos of Scallops

This was an absolute hit: Peaches & Pork Belly Perched on a Cheesy Ball. The Balsamic- Truffle Oil Puddle was heavenly.

Seared Foie Gras on Toast with Membrillo

With all the pintxos and tapas, we had a couple of bottles of 2009 Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres Rosado - Very fresh, fruity, nicely dry and crisp strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Straightforward, very approachable and easily pleasing style. Dangerously easy to drink a lot of and great with the parade of tapas and pintxos. At a mere P470/bottle, one can back up the truck on this one.


Luis & the rest of Team de Terry prepare the Chuleton...

...which Luis carved at the table.

Voila. With excellent fries and sweetish Pimientos del Piquillo to boot.

During the pianist's breaks, the boys took intermittent turns playing the piano when there were not too many people left.

We were all pretty stuffed after the chuleton, but the youngest wanted dessert. He ordered some Picatostes con Chocolate, which came in a set of 5, one small serving for each of us (which was fortunate as I really couldn't handle anything bigger).

In the meantime, I had noticed the youngest chatting with Luis.

I don't really know what they were chatting about, but Luis sent the youngest a complimentary plate of Chocolate Marquis. I inquired if he had asked Luis for it, but the youngest said he did not - which Luis confirmed later on. Must have been an interesting conversation they had.

It never ceases to amaze me how children can eat and enjoy so much dessert after such a large meal....

It was yet another fine meal at Terry's 2º Piso - one of countless ones we've had here. The children always look forward to eating here, and with good reason. Thanks to Luis for attending to our needs so graciously.

This close-up of the picatostes was taken by my youngest. I promised him I'd include it in my blogpost. Not bad, actually.


Michelline said...

Noel, which branch of Terry's has this spread?

Chinkee said...

i see you're exploring other rosados... they're all out of the homenajes, i noticed. inubos mo yata eh!:-)

Noel said...

Hi, 'Chelline. It's at the main Pasong Tamo Extension Terry's (2nd floor, above the deli). They now serve pintxos at the other branches as well; but since I go to the one in Pasong Tamo, I don't know if the branches have the same variety. In all cases, though, the pintxos are available only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Hi, Chinks. Yes, both Homenaje and Protos rosados are out of stock, but the Cáceres is fine too. As a matter of fact, I brought some home for today's Sunday lunch. Very easy and pleasant daytime drinking.

I was so happy when my 2 older ones opined that it tasted very different from the Homenaje - so I told them it was because the Cáceres was made in a different area and with entirely different grapes.

Hindi ako ang nag-ubos, by the way. It must have been Miguel.

Best to you both,


Miguel said...

hahaha!! I was not the one who finished fact I have no more Homenaje left at home :(

No red with with the Chuleton?

Noel said...

No, buddy, no red that evening because we had 2 bottles of rosado already and I wanted to stay up for the respective matches of Germany and Spain. Sobra na if I had a bottle of red pa - I'd have fallen asleep for sure!


Chris Y. said...

Hi Noel!

I've been visiting your blog faithfully for the past year, and I really have to thank you for sharing all your culinary experiences.

I also greatly admire the passion you have for your wine. I just love how you make things that for some, may be alien and intimidating, seem more approachable and totally unpretentious.

That passion you have, pushes readers like myself (and my friends as well who have grown to love your blog), to take the plunge into relatively new waters (at least for me!) of the gastronomic world and oenology.

Again, Thank You and Slainte!


Chris Y.