Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Lunch at Home (4th July 2010).

We've been having the usual Sunday lunch with the in-laws at home the past couple of weeks since my mom-in-law is in the USA for a ZONTA-related trip. For yesterday, I asked my wife to make some paella. It was a simple but very good lunch. I opened some rosado to go with it.

Salad with Parma Ham & Pine Nuts


Solomillo de Vaca & Baked Prawns

2009 Marqués de Cáceres Rioja Rosado

The paella was kept outside so it wouldn't get too cold.

Eating time.

My plate.

With the rosado this time.

I had several helpings of the paella. I really liked it because it had a nice underlying crispy layer. Got overly stuffed and felt like having a nap after.

Apparently, someone else had the same idea.


Miguel said...

Wow that Paella looks pretty good!! Perfect Rosado for a warm day.

Noel said...

Yes, Catha really does paella very well. I told her before I want you and sina Rene to try it but she said she''l practise first since she hasn't made it in a long time.

Chinkee said...

Hmph. Instead of giving your leftovers to the dachshund, you should have just sent them to wack-wack. Hehe...

Noel said...

Heh heh heh, no, no leftovers for Sparky - he had his own lunch earlier. Catha doesn't allow him spicy food because he tends to get allergies.


Miguel said...

ok wanna try that Paella soon!!! hehehe