Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dinner at Home: 16th March 2009.

Yesterday was my mom's 1st death anniversary (coincidentally also the 3rd of Mrs. Doc's father, who is my wife's uncle). We keep things simple in my family, so we were to just attend mass in the evening and my immediate family would have dinner at the house. This meant leaving the office early as my wife had to be back to prepare our paella, so, after two meetings, we headed back southward. The dinner menu my father wanted was Spanish inspired:


Grilled Prawns

Lengua Estofado

Callos á la Madrileña


Grilled Prawns with Lemon Butter Sauce

Lengua Estofado (I failed to get a close up of the Callos)

With the paella and grilled prawns, I served an old reliable rosado:

2007 Homenaje Rosado (Bodegas Marco Real, Navarra) - I've mentioned this old reliable rosado many times throughout my blog, and it is as consistent as it is good. I "discovered" it sometime in early 2008 while having a multi-tapas lunch with my wife and kids at Terry's Segundo Piso and have gone through so many bottles of it I've long lost count.

As you can see, it is a clear, translucent celebratory cherry-red. Served properly chilled, this simple, honest, straightforward rosé will easily charm you with its fresh, clean, dry, virtually crisp, well-focused dominant flavors of (in order of prominence) ripe strawberry, raspberry, light hint of cherry. Definitely dangerously drinkable.
I really should stock up on a lot of this stuff for the summer - before my foodie and wino friends beat me to it and Terry's runs out of it again.

With the heavier lengua and callos dishes, I served...

2001 Beronia Rioja Reserva - I quickly grabbed a couple of bottles of this off the shelf of Terry's last I was there, thinking it was the 2001 Grand Reserva I so enjoyed from Johnny R a few weeks ago at our first kokotxas dinner. It was only when I got home that I realized that what I grabbed was the Reserva instead of the Gran Reserva. No matter, thought I, it just meant (assumedly) comparatively shorter oak ageing (a good thing for me) and, likely, earlier maturing (which I have no problem with at all).

After approximately 30 minutes in a decanter and another 15 minutes in my glass, this displayed aromas of dark fruit with trace nuances of meat, balsamico, leather and licorice, cedar, slightly toasty oak/vanilla, hint of cinammon, slight topnotes of strawberry and cherry. Could use just a touch more of acidity, but, in all, I enjoyed it a lot. At approximately P1400 per bottle before discount, it's a great deal.

In the mouth, it was entertainingly rounded, supple, warm and comforting, with healthy extraction and concentration (not anywhere near over-the-top). Good, plumpish middle, admirable mouthfeel and heft in its just-over-medium body. Moderately ripe dark fruit, plum, bit of tobacco and licorice, well-integrated vanilla/oak dominate with highlights of black cherry and strawberry.

My brother and sis-in-law felt that it paired exceptionally well with the callos.

Dessert was a bunch of some sort of over-sized profiteroles that my sister brought. My kids seemed to like them well enough, but, then, most kids will tend to like any dessert involving cream and chocolate. Mine do, anyway.

We didn't linger long after a few double espressos since it was a work/school day the next day. It was good to get together in Mom's memory.


Miguel said...

Your photos are getting better...all the frood looks so yummy...specially the lengua with all those lovely olives....

Noel said...

Thanks, bud. The paella Catha made was very good, I had 5 servings. I was actually very surprised how good it was because, as you know, she doesn't really cook. Good stuff.

The lengua was made by the cook of my dad.


oliboy said...

the food looks great noel! good job! :)

Noel said...

Thanks, Oliver. Appreciated.


Miguel said...

Ya the Paella looks great and so full of stuff....perfect with the Homenaje..

Chinkee said...

The food looks yummy, Noel! I'm sure your mom was smiling (and counting your cholesterol) in heaven.:-)

Do they also sell that Beronia in Barcino?

Noel said...

Hi, Chinkee. Thanks. My mom used to love eating out and probably was wondering why I didn't have any of the lengua or callos (appreciative husband that I am, I had a lot of the paella and just a few prawns).

I'm pretty sure they also have that Reserva in Barcino because that's where I used to buy the '96 Gran Reserva.

Did I mention that after the February La Tienda dinner during which we all tried the '01 Beronia Gran Reserva of Johnny R, the Stockbroker bought 2 cases of it the very next day? It's pretty darn good and a great deal at its price!



Chinkee said...

"Did I mention that after the February La Tienda dinner during which we all tried the '01 Beronia Gran Reserva of Johnny R, the Stockbroker bought 2 cases of it the very next day?"

Hahahaha! Happy to see that the Stockbroker has not been affected by the economic crisis.:-)

I always read about that Beronia in your blog so now I really want to try it. Another one I should get from Terry's is that Pouilly Fume.