Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post IWFS Wine Fair @ No. 38 Sports Lounge & Grill.

After the IWFS Wine Fair subject of my last post, Catha and I proceeded to No. 38 Sports Lounge & Grill, a hopping bar owned by Chinkee & Matt's family (114A Jupiter St. Bel-Air 2, Makati City). Chinkee & Matt, Sanju & Cutie, Bodjie and Mark left the Wine Fair earlier with my two teen-agers in tow for less sedate enjoyment.

Sanju, Chinkee, Chinkee's dad & Matt.

I'd been there a couple of times before, the first time before opening hours when the bar was new for a quick see and a couple of beers. The second time was with Miguel, again for a couple of beers, but after dinner when the bar was in full swing. The place was packed then. This third time was the same.

The Sommelier Selection ladies with Future Trade's Neil McLeod
pop in for some beers after the Wine Fair as well.

The music was cool, the band entertaining. I grabbed a beer when I arrived and Sanju poured me a slug of special lambanog which was the smoothest lambanog I've ever had and tasted vaguely of olives. The boys each had liter-sized mugs of beer in hand, which was after lambanog shots and, for the second, a glass of scotch I understand. This was after many glasses of wine before and during dinner. They seemed fine though - and very happy.

Sanju loads up the second for a beer bong race against Matt.

Later that night, the second got it in his head to challenge his Tito Matt to a beer bong race. Matt is German, much taller and with many years more drinking experience. The eldest and I knew the second didn't have much of a chance, but, he'd learn for himself.

And they're off.

The second downed his pretty fast, I must say. It was a valiant effort indeed; but Matt was much faster. Not a bad show. I surely couldn't down that bong as fast as he did, but, then, both the boys are taller and heavier than I already.

Chinkee, Matt & the boys.

A few minutes later, the second started insisting on a re-match. I knew then it was time to take them home. Good thing we brought a driver along. Thanks for a really fun night, Matt & Chinkee! The boys had a blast, and I'm sure they'll be back at No. 38 before long.


Anonymous said...

A family that drinks together...Nice! Cheers, Noel!
- Juanjo

Noel said...

Hi, Juanjo. Thanks. The youngest is still way too young to join in though. Maybe in 4 or 5 more years he'll be ready and willing.

I met your dad at Henry Hagedorn's birthday party at Punta Fuego last November. I didn't really get to talk with him though.



Chinkee said...

So happy you guys joined us after the wine fair. It really was a fun night... I do wish I remembered more of it.:-S. Hahaha! Your boys are truly awesome! Matt and I are looking forward to spending more time with them.