Thursday, August 18, 2011

GBeX Tasting Room Moves to Craft @ The Fort Strip.

Regular readers know that, for the past several months, I'd been spending every available Thursday evening enjoying US/Japanese Craft Beer sessions at Global Beer Exchange's (GBeX) Tasting Room. Well, for reasons of a new landlord, among others, our regular craft sessions (during which one hangs around with old friends and makes many new ones, all while enjoying and learning about hitherto unknown ales) have transferred to GBeX's Tasting Corner @ Craft Pub & Grill (at the Fort Strip, The Fort, Taguig).

We simply couldn't, however, allow the move to take place without a proper send-off. Thus, this past Monday, the 15th August 2011, a whole bunch of regulars and other beer lovers had a final blast with GBeX's Jim Araneta. Aside from our regular pica-picas of jamón serrano and chorizo, we had tons of tempura courtesy of Thea and several pizzas as well.

It began at dusk with Paolo Misa, Thea Ancheta, Jim Araneta, Alex Tiu,
Ramon Araneta, Miguel Vecin & myself.

By around 6:30, things started heating up
with Usual Suspect J-Lab and several friends from LBC Express.

Seated: J-Lab, Chris & Stephanie Hagedorn, Santi Araneta;
Standing: Ramon Araneta, Paolo Misa

The Tasting Room's younger set of regulars, including wine & beer distributor
Mags Villafuerte, were there in force as well.

The Young Once w/ The Young Ones:
Thea Ancheta, Alex Tiu, Jim Araneta & Nicole del Rosario.

Later on, Jim, at cousin Santi's special request,
officially declared the night closed for a private party.

Craft Beers for everyone, baby!

It was a hell of a send-off to a favorite venue. No notes this time - impossible, I drank way too much. Besides, the night wasn't about studious taste analysis, but of sheer enjoyment of the ales, with the food, in the company of friends...and why the hell not?

Until the next Thursday session @ Craft!