Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Bites & Musings: On Chilidogs & Mayhem.

Passed by Johnny Rockets (ATC) to take out a chilidog (one of my rare, simple/guilty pleasures) - purposefully didn't dine in because of the hideous, nerve-scraping dance routines diners are subjected to.

As I was reading the one newspaper available to guests, as luck would have it, the music suddenly blared and I was treated to the staff's gyrations to Chic's "Dance, Dance, Dance". I gritted my teeth and sank into the financial pages, suppressing the desire to grab the cook by his whites, screaming into his face "Go cook my f*cking chilidog!!!"

Thankfully, my order arrived shortly thereafter. I quickly paid  and headed home, walking out the door to the staff's management-mandated cheery chirping of "Bye, guys!!!" (though I was alone).

The chilidog is, in a word, awful. The hotdog utterly characterless, the bun soaked in grease, the chili watery and  salty beyond belief. As I sadly munch, I console myself with daydreams of driving back and forcing this pitiful excuse of a chilidog down the throats of those vacuously grinning dancing fools.

~ oOo ~

A few days later, from the weekend bazaar at the village, I tried the above chilidog by Karina's Kitchen which was quite good - certainly light-years better than the monstrosity churned out by Johnny Rockets. I was happy with it. Unfortunately, I also tried out a cheeseburger by Burger Cartel, the patty of which was hard, dry and had the texture of sawdust. Bleah.


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