Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Not Really All About Wine & Food.

Though I readily admit to being obsessive about food and wine, it's not all about those things. They are my most enjoyable ways to spend time in the company of friends and family, but the latter takes precedence. I'd much rather drink and eat less fancily with good friends and family than drink fine wine in the presence of people I don't like. Fortunately, I am blessed with a wonderful family and many good friends.

Jos' Birthday Tournament.

Jos Moraza, simply put, is a bear of a fellow with a hilariously irreverent sense of humor. I can't seem to stop laughing when he starts acting up. At Henry's goading during his birthday dinner, Jos invited the Golfos present to his own birthday tournament on the 10th December 2010 at the Country Club - everything was on him, from the green fees, golf carts, caddie fees, snacks at the tee houses, hole-in-one prize, drinks, merienda-cena, raffle and a special "nearest-to-the-pin" shoot-out prizes. The weather cooperated making for a very pleasant round for the 5 flights - no valid excuses for bad play.

I played decently on the front 9, but my game collapsed early in the back due to my pulling my drive into the rough and insisting on going for the green around 200 yards away from a side hill lie, trying to skirt some trees and over a large ravine. Needless to state, I pulled a "Tin Cup" and was, instantly, out of the running - so I just played around the last several holes going for low-percentage, heroic shots (rather unsuccessfully, I might add).

On the veranda, the guys were already making headway into bottles of red wine, scotch, vodka, beer and many rum Cokes. Above, Jos is in the yellow shirt. With him are Jimmy, Quito, Tito Chito and Raffy.

Being in the final flight with Douglas, Jaime and Raffy, most of the other guys had already finished eating by the time I had showered and dressed. Damage already done to the buffet dishes, I didn't take shots of the food and just proceeded to stuff myself and wash away memories of my back 9 with a couple of cold beers.

Douglas and Henry

Quito, Tito Chito & Miguel

Raffy, Tito Bomboy, Vince, Mari & Bobby

The "tee box" for the nearest-to-the-pin shoot-out (to a green across the water) was a rather small, raised platform on the veranda, perched precariously over the water. Even some of the better players couldn't make or stick on the green. Tito Bomboy was the only one who managed the green, and, consequently, won the hotly-contested cash prize.

The raffle followed, everyone had to stand and would re-take their seats as their name is drawn and called out by Jos for elimination.

Henry jokingly questioned Jos' rules...

...and was promptly rewarded by having his name drawn next.

One by one, each took his respective seat - as did Raffy...

...until only a few remained standing.

Jaime followed a little later, but managed to get one of the runner-up prizes.

I was actually busy going around taking photos, so I didn't really know exactly what was going on. I was about to take my seat when Quito started pointing at me as Jos called out "Attorney for the people!".

Long story short, I turned out winning the first place raffle prize. Lucky me! The winners of the golf tournament proper were then announced...

Jos with the winners: Bobby (3rd place), Mari (2nd place) and Tito Bomboy (1st place).

A toast to our generous host and celebrant!


Drinking, eating and jokes went on until dark. Raffy and I left before the others finished as he had to go back to Alabang to get his car since he rode with me. Excellent day, one I greatly enjoyed and needed. What a nice way to end a work week. The company of friends - that's really what it's all about. Thanks, Jos, and, again, Happy Birthday!

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