Monday, May 9, 2011

HK: 3rd May 2011.

After the previous night's unreasonable eating at Under the Bridge Spicy Crab, and, yet another large buffet breakfast at the hotel, nobody wanted a big lunch. We, thus, all agreed to just go our separate ways to shop and meet up for a very late, light lunch. I went off to buy some wines - just a few as I already got some other stuff and wouldn't have enough luggage space for more.

1998 Krug Champagne Brut &
1981 R. López de Heredia Viña Bosconia Gran Reserva

My wife's family always orders Sweet & Sour Pork whenever they are in Chinese restaurants, and it's rubbed off on my youngest - he'd been pestering me for some ever since we arrived in HK. Thus, on our 4th day there, I relented and took him back to Canton Deli for some (and some fried rice as well). I just had an order of Shrimp Cheong Fan and a pot of jasmine tea for myself.

Catha and the teenagers eventually joined us later on for a light dimsum lunch. The second had been shopping with Catha for hours. One can tell from the photo above that the eldest obviously just woke up.

The youngest pretty much finished the Sweet & Sour Pork all by himself.

Thereafter, Catha took the youngest shopping for shoes. She got him some sensible sneakers, but he insisted on also buying a pair of these....

...silly looking Vibram toed shoes. He swears they're super comfortable.

Well, all the hours of shopping built up our appetites, so we made dinner reservations at yet another old favorite - Yung Kee. I don't think we ever miss going to this restaurant at least once while we are in HK.

Their Thousand-Year-Old Eggs are simply the best. Naturally, we had to get 2 orders.

We also got 2 orders of their award-winning Shrimp with Baby Crab Fat.

One order of guilt-reducing Broccoli w/ Dried Scallops & Black Fungus.

Of course we also had Yung Kee's raison d'être - Roast Goose - one whole goose. The waiter at first told us we needed only half a goose, but I assured him we could easily finish a whole one - and that we did. We only ever order plain, steamed rice with this goose. I don't like any other flavors masking its own.

Time was, after eating at Yung Kee, we'd walk a couple of streets away to a corner Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. Unfortunately, that small shop closed a year or so ago for some reason, so the kids made do with some Häagen Dazs instead (around the corner from Lan Kwai Fung).

The youngest is really such a clown.

Thus ended our 4th day in HK. Nice, simple, relaxing day.


J said...

Hi Noel,

Am an avid reader of your blog, the encyclopedic reference to the wines are always profound without the bore of "conventional wisdom" from the ubiquitous technical sources.

No less the constant feature of food to ensure practicality, keep up the great job !

Interesting aged Riojas here, the 81 Lopez de Heredia. What's your take on decanting aged Riojas ? I often find Rioja so much silkier than Bordeaux even at it's youth, hence my slight trepidation towards ageing Spanish bottles. Though I've noted your immense affinity for the 64 Faustino Gran Reserva !


Noel said...

Hi, J.

Thanks for the kind words; they are much appreciated. I am happy you enjoy reading my ramblings. I will certainly keep it up as much as I can.

The food always goes hand in hand with wine - as it should, in my opinion anyway.

As regards decanting aged Riojas such as the '64 Faustino I Gran Reserva, I tend to just let them breathe in my glass for fear of losing out on the bouquet. However, I know that some of my friends decanted it for around an hour and, from their accounts, it was still very good.

I've had decanted "younger" Riojan GRs: '82 CVNE Imperial Gran Reserva, and, per advice of a friend (as mentioned in this post), the '81 R. López de Heredia Viña Bosconia Gran Reserva as well. Both were superb.

For those, say, 40 years old or more, well, I'd guess the advice is "it depends".



J said...

Hi Noel,

What's your take on an 85 Pichon Baron ? Great vintage so I reckon it'll hold and be at it's peak now.

I intend to open this sometime soon and upon closer inspection, the neckline has hardly receded, seems almost new !